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FixedToday unburdens clients with regard to the entire hiring proces with: Contracting, Staffing, Payrolling and Expats.

Innovative hiring policies

The trend to adopt Total Workforce Management as the new form of HR and Procurement stems from the need for companies to avoid:

  • Understaffing in internal positions causes business processes to stagnate

  • Workplace underutilization occurs due to lack of employable workers

  • The right tools and knowledge are not available to put together strategic hiring policies within the framework of (available) external and internal workforce

  • Labor costs to internal staffing, which should prevent understaffing and hiring risks, are arguably significantly higher than outsourcing

  • Hiring risks (have) arisen and persisted because the commercial and/or strategic importance is high



Customer intimacy

FixedToday makes itself visible by employing “customer intimacy” with its clients. In addition to paying invoices quickly, they also focus on coaching and training if required. This sets FixedToday apart from other brokers. “FixedToday decisiveness” goes hand in hand with taking responsibility.

Influence: Combining your own work processes with your client’s work processes so that they fit together optimally. Centralized control of decentralized hiring. No rigid rules but embracing the network of the hiring manager. This is how we contribute to the growth of hiring maturity of you as a client.
We take you through your ‘customer journey’.

Now that we are part of the Axiom group we are even better able to guide you from broker services to Total Workforce Management.
We are happy to discuss this with you.