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Coordinating and handling contracts with:

  • Self-employed entrepreneurs

  • Suppliers of personel

  • Intermediaries

Risk-free hiring

FixedToday understands “contracting” as the coordination and handling of contracts with (foreign) contractors, suppliers and intermediaries. This ensures a 100% risk-free and compliant process, which minimizes the burden on your administrative organization. FixedToday can advise you as a client on specific hiring situations in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Have you as a client already found a candidate through your own network? FixedToday takes care of the correct contracting in accordance with laws and regulations and the invoicing and payment of your candidate or supplier.

Compliant with laws and regulations

FixedToday guarantees correct compliance with all fiscal and labor law obligations so that your organization hires virtually risk-free. Among other things, FixedToday is SNA (NEN4400:1) certified and is audited twice a year by an external auditor for compliance with legislation and correct accounting.

Time and cost savings

We know the processes of hiring and align our practices accordingly. This makes the onboarding process go a lot smoother. This avoids having to go through and explain the process all over again with each vendor.


We have daily contact with candidates and suppliers and are therefore well positioned to determine what market-based hourly rates are.


Should your candidate leave the assignment early, we will help you with a replacing candidate if required.


If you as a candidate have already found your own assignment through your own network, FixedToday can take care of the proper contracting according to laws and regulations, billing the end client and your payment.

Outsourcing debtor risk

FixedToday works with fixed payment terms and not with “paid when paid” constructions. In fact, you outsource the credit risk to us. If you would like your payment terms to be even shorter, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of an accelerated payment term with you.

Knowledge of the client's hiring processes

We know the client’s hiring processes and align our approach to them. As a result, the onboarding process goes a lot smoother and you don’t have to figure out contracting, timekeeping and billing with every client.


We have daily contact with clients and suppliers and are therefore well positioned to determine what market-based hourly rates are.


Should your assignment end, our resource managers are ready to help you update and improve your resume. They will be happy to support you in your search for a new assignment.

The difference between Contact and Contract is the R of Relationship